Friday, January 30, 2009

Clannad After Story 16 Screencaps.

Hey all. Sorry I haven't been updating at all, I've had no real time on the computer and even when I do, I still haven't gotten around to transferring all my accounts and the like to this new computer, so yeah. My website information isn't set up yet, either and even if it was, it's being a pain in the ass, so for now I am uploading my images back to Gmail Picasa Accounts because they are sexy and stable, as long as you don't have over 500 pictures for a gallery!

Anyway. Clannad After Story 16 screencaps! I need to take the rest of the anime, too, as opposed to just cute Nagisa scenes here and there, but Clannad 16 was amazing and I had to screencap it as soon as possible.

There are massive spoilers in the gallery, so if you have not watched Clannad After Story 16, DO NOT GO.

The Gmail Account is - ClannadAfterStoryScreencaps

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