I have tried to make one of these before, but I have seen a lot of shows, so it gets tiring. My preferred genres are romance, drama, slice-of-life (if not too boring) and psychological shows, so that's what you will see a lot of. I will also put shows on here that I have started and put on-hold, or just know from people talking about them and these will be marked with a (!) because I haven't actually seen them. All links are to so you can read about the show beforehand. Some shows fall under multiple categories, as well, so I will put them in multiple categories.

(*) - Favorites
(!) - Haven't seen.
(-) - Haven't completed.

[Under construction. Stopped working on list when I finished adding completed/watching anime to the list. Will add the on-hold/plan-to-watch later since that's like 300 more shows.]

Romance - 
Drama -
Slice of Life - 
Action/Adventure -
Comedy - 
Supernatural - 
Horror/Thriller - 
Fantasy - 
Historical -
Psychological -
Mystery -
Magical Girls - Mahou Shoujo