Thursday, December 18, 2008

School Days Uncut Screencaps + My Old Ending Post.

It got a few hits today, so I figured I would re-post them since that gallery is still actually up. School Days Ending Uncut screencaps can be found here! Contains all spoilers of the ending! It is not allowed for children!

And from my old post that I posted up here - my own captions to the ending! Contains spoilers nonetheless, so don't go if you haven't seen the ending, or plan on watching it and don't know what happens.

Sorry I haven't been around a few days - haven't been working on this computer much. I tried out a ton of MMORPGs in a desperate attempt to find something that sparked my interest - even re-tried some other ones, but nothing is working - I feel broken. I'll make a post about all the games I tried and didn't like in a little bit! Or some time later. It's nothing against them.. I'm just super picky and am not stimulated by games without much content anymore. RPG-addiction will do that to you!

I have resorted to attempting to organize and clean up my Sims 2 content because I have over 10,000 custom items at like 3GB in size and that's a bit much since... I don't play very much anymore and there's too much stuff I don't really like anymore!

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