Saturday, June 14, 2008

School Days Ending by Yandere! Uncut Screencaps + Personal Captions.

Okay. I finally went and got it for screencapping purposes - the uncut version of the ending of School Days, to me, is way more disturbing and emotional than the first one. There were very little things that a freak like me noticed about the endings between the uncut and the normal one and the first one - minus the OBVIOUS red blood - sound effects. There were sound effects for the stabbing and the blood flying, but ... one of the most disturbing parts is that.. right after Sekai first stabs Makoto, usually the scene where he fell backwards, her eyes were covered, but in this version.. she has an angry, pissed off look on her face and instead of it looking he is falling backwards, he is clearly just running from her and she is totally AFTER him with her knife, glaring directly at him.

It's really disturbing if you think about the fact that they actually had to block out her face in the cut version.... The sound effects were very disturbing and gross, too, but that's more realistic... It was much more emotional with red blood and sound effects and all the facial expressions that should be there and that was only that part...

Kotonoha's whole roof part = omfg. She gets a whole another little frame-set where you clearly see her bloody weapon and the way she pulls it back and has a glaring noise and an awesome hair flying shot and everything. I seriously fell in love with that picture because.. it's one of the ones I had always wanted them to add from the game... it really puts it in there, the hatred that Kotonoha feels at that point and that, even though her eyes are totally lifeless, she does know what she's doing and she really hates Sekai for taking Makoto away from her (ugh, why, I don't know. >.>;).

So, um, be prepared for a number of .. red screenshots, I guess, I will try not to post TOO many and I will link to the gallery, but... yeah... I was really moved and disturbed, so I took a lot and also uploaded it to my Veoh account.

The whole gallery can be viewed here.

I hate you.
The look I originally loved so much... was continued in the bloody version..

She aims! Sekai never loses the light of her eyes, she has full awareness of what she's doing.

All her emotions are purely clear on her face. She has had voices in her head, she can't think of anything else and this is the only way, for her, to end those thoughts - he can't hurt her if he's not around.

He listened to her, though. His eye softened one moment before she stabs him. He heard her.

Blood drips, after all.

I see. I get it. I understand.
I deserved this.
If you had a baby, it'd be here...

The way it was meant to be - in color.

Looking at him dead or alive is still annoying...
Okay, or maybe it's the guilt weighing down on her shoulders and realizing what she has done.

I never want to see this again.

Sekai has the most awesome freak out, but she cuts her own hand in the process. =(

Yay! Makoto's death with blood!

It's not Makoto... you just stabbed him to death like a good girl. Don't go!

Sekai looks the prettiest on the roof, at the end, after the evil is gone.
They both look the most beautiful here, it's creepy.

Good girl, you brought your weapon, you aren't stupid, at least... entirely...

What could be in the bag? O.O

We don't get to see because the Psycho-Yandere has arrived.

Holding Makoto's phone.

And looking all lifeless and beyond sad, wrapped up in her pink coat and muffler.

She asks Sekai if she went to the Doctor and Sekai says no, she would never go to one that Kotonoha suggested and Kotonoha responds with her charming, "Uso". Liar.

And you then see that Kotonoha doesn't exactly look sad, per se, she looks totally psychotic and out of her mind.

As always, when ever Kotonoha responds, Sekai is shocked!

But she is also mad - how dare Kotonoha call her a liar!?!?! .... I think Kotohona has the right to call her whatever she wants.

And! Her hand is bandaged, since she cut it on her way out, but nonetheless, she keeps on rubbing her stomach.. which is so creepy. Go Sekai.

But... when Kotonoha says that Sekai made up that story to take Makoto away from her, Sekai gets even more angry - because Kotonoha is right. How dare she nail it!

Also, because Kotonoha is insane and smiling all the while, saying that Sekai could never have Makoto's baby... because she is his girlfriend...

And Sekai is shocked by this - she has yet to figure out how insane Kotonoha is, or what the 12 episodes of ignoring Kotonoha and acting like she was trash might have actually gotten to the girl.

But she also tries to defend her actions! O.o She wanted to be his girlfriend, too! She let him do whatever he wanted. She let him cheat and sleep around and lie to Kotonoha and everyone else. She allowed him to be a scumbag and didn't feel the need to tell anyone else, but got mad when others wanted to be with him, but she is still..

She's pouring her heart out here, but she's looking for sympathy in the wrong person.. I was extremely pleased by Kotonoha's heartless reaction - she hates Sekai, why should she care if she's upset and Sekai has some nerve to even try to get any kind of sympathy from Kotonoha...

The only thing Kotonoha really heard was Makoto's name, but.. she thinks Sekai should ask him herself. The only thing that gets any kind of response out of Kotonoha at all, is Makoto's name and it only makes her sad.
Makoto is over there..

To which Sekai is....
How can he be over there? I just killed him. o.o

No. He's over there.

Over here?

I'm so pretty in the moonlight, but.. go ahead, look. Doesn't matter to me anyway.

What.. could be in this bag?

I never wanted to see this again.


Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew. Why would you want that? I did you a fucking favor!

Because. I'm a psycho and you destroyed me.


What the fuck is that...?


Your end.

You never should have responded to that text message - he was dead.

I saw this coming! I didn't see the bag thing, but I saw the rest!

I brought my weapon, I'll get it and I'll kill you, too!
I didn't clean his blood off of mine either!

No. You won't.
I'm more psychotic.
And unlike you, I know how we both think.

....... I lose.

I might seem totally distant and evil and gone...

But I fucking hate you.

I hate you and I want you to die.

I win.

Hair cut.

I'm not done.. because if I didn't do this then it would seem like I killed a pregnant girl.

And I didn't.


The End.


Tyr said...

That's the most awesome post of School Days ever (even though I'm hardly a fan of it at all); I don't think I saw the uncut version, but it is awesome.

The blood's actually red! Lol I recall the one I saw he had.. black or some dark-coloured blood lol.

Yanderekko said...

Oddly enough, I enjoyed my own post about it, too. lol.

Yes, this is the uncut version. =o