Friday, December 19, 2008

Add Me On XFire - Yandere! Gasp.

I've had XFire for a very long time - my old account on XFire, Onela, was around since 2005, except it has no activity. I ALWAYS forget to run XFire when playing games because I am lame and then, even when I do, it often doesn't register the game I am playing anyway!

Yandere @ XFire!

A few months ago I remade a new account for DOMO and the like and even made a clan page for it, but considering I left the clan anyway and joined Katsui's guild, Heavens Gate, I should probably close that down. Maybe I will make one for Heavens Gate, despite the fact that it's not my guild. I doubt Kats would mind! I wonder if people from HG use XFire. It would be nice if people like Wei, D., and Kats did so I could still talk to them outside of game, but I am pretty sure they mostly use MSN, which I avoid! However, you can add me there, too, if you want -! Yanderes, Yanderes, Yanderes, yahoo.

In an attempt to make my XFire a bit more active, I created a team-clan thingy for female RPG and MMORPG girls! Guys are welcome to join, too, since they like girls, but it's mostly for reaching out to other girls and sharing fantasy-RPG love!

I think I might re-download Pidgin - it has XFire support I'm pretty sure and runs much nicer than MSN, which I can't stand, but we shall see.

Anyway, add me! You can see what I'm playing, I can see what you're playing and maybe we can talk! Gasp.


Tyr said...

Got XFire up and running and fixed (since it wasn't working before). :D

Yanderekko said...

Whee, awesome! I haven't been on the computer at all the last few days, except on Gaia a little for the event, but I shall see you soon, hopefully. =o