Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Anime Image of the Day 7.

I will admit that I posted 6 and 7 on the same night and just back-dated it because I didn't have a chance to post one yesterday and not sure when I will have a chance to post one tomorrow because we are finally getting our electricity hopefully fixed so there will be no electricity throughout the house - so I have to make sure I charge the PSP and the DS for tomorrow, lol. Anyway... sorry, that was long. This picture! After I asked Azalea to pick the last picture, I asked my boyfriend to pick the next picture, however... the first picture I offered him, he chose - not because he was trying to cut me off ( I hope? lol ) but because I know his taste far too well and I have wanted to post her since I got her. I mean.. look at her. Isn't she awesome? There's no real point in explaining why, if you ask me, but I can anyway. Look at her. Ha. Well. First off, like I have a thing for long hair, I also have a thing for snow IN PICTURES... I can't stand snow in real life after the first snow of the year, but in pictures, games, books, shows, etc... ah, I love snow settings. Snow is so majestic and magical and beautiful and pure, bright, shining and wonderful. Whee. She's a ninja, I guess, so yay for kunoichi of the snow! Shiranagi Masa! Before I forget, that's the artist, I BELIEVE. This is the only picture I have in the folder when I found the picture with the label of that name, so hopefully it is correct and if it is not, I apologize. ^_^

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