Monday, March 29, 2010

Anime Image of the Day 6.

This picture was chosen by my daughter, who was watching her father play Dragon Age on the PS3, so I decided to ask her to pick the picture for today. She chose this one, which happened to be by Noizi Ito, who I also happen to adore, especially for the eyes, but it's not surprising that she chose this picture. Even as we went through the folder, nothing really stood out to me, either, that she would like, but once this one came up - I knew! And then she picked it. It's just so pretty and looks like Aeris, which is her middle name, but she's not actually very interested in Aeris, lol. But, yes, this picture is beautiful. I love her hair, first off - I will say this a lot because I really have a thing for long-haired characters, male or female. Her expression is charming, I love the ribbons, the colors, her dress and everything about it. Yay.

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