Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Anime Image Of The Day 1.

Hey! I am sorry I have not been posting anything, but I haven't had much time to relax - I haven't even played Final Fantasy XIII in about a week now even though I was on chapter 12 of 13.. D: But, yes, hi. I do want to post something, so I am going to retry posting an Anime Image of the Day that I happen to love. I tried this once before but.... it didn't go so well and I kept not posting, but we shall see this time! Let me see... what should be first..okay, picked one. However, I may also post up pictures from games and the like, that are anime-style and such.

Why I Love This Picture: Well, just look at it. I put two up so you could see her face really up close and in detail, but I love everything about this picture. I adore fantasy pictures, number one - they are usually my favorites. I love valkyries and angels and warriors of any kind and that is what she reminds me of. I love her expression, her eyes, her clothes, her hair and so much more. I believe she is by an artist named Murakami Suigun, but not sure if she is from anything in particular.

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