Wednesday, February 03, 2010

White Knight Chronicles First Impressions - Character Creation

I just got White Knight Chronicles today at 12 in the afternoon EST. Poor PST people who might not even have their stores open yet. Kell came home and dropped it off for me while he was at work! I was super excited, obviously. I haven't gone on about it too much because even if I am super excited, can't get myself TOO WORKED UP because what if it gets postponed... Actually, the release date said yesterday, but it didn't come out until today, just shipped yesterday.

Anyway. The Character Creation is 9 pages long. Your character is the main characters new companion and friend that he meets in the beginning of the game. The character creation is pretty extensive and had a lot of nice choices, so I had a lot of fun. If a game has character creation, I will spend a lot of time on it - I spent an hour and a half making my character. I usually don't have an idea in my hand beforehand since I don't know what the options will be. There were only two really long braids that looked pretty similar, so I obviously chose one of those as opposed to hair up to your shoulders or even shorter. And yes, she's female.

You can adjust everything you'd think of - even your foot size? Your height, weight, proportions (chest size), how long your legs are, how muscular or petite your character is (changes your overall weight), your cheekbones, ears, chin, jaws, eyes, nose, eyebrows, eyes and so on. You can choose your skin color and there were a lot of darker choices, which made me happy because everyone shouldn't have to be pale and glowing. I chose a semi-darker one because it went well with my avatar and so I didn't look like I was trying to steal main female characters spot, whom ever she may be. Long purple hair, white-yellow eyes and a semi-angry expression. I gave her big sexy eyes and really dark lips since she is darker skinned. The voices weren't all too impressive, though, so I chose the one I thought went with her the best, but since they were all fighting sounds, not sure it mattered all too much.

The facial expressions that my character made, though, were so cute. When she made cute, shy faces and looked like she was blushing, I wanted to die. I ended up naming her Chrona. Normally I always name my character Onela, or within the last year or two, Yandere, she didn't look like Onela or a Yandere. Onela has long brown hair and big green eyes with pale skin (main character of my book) and a Yandere should generally look somewhat nice. My character's sexy, dark-skinned, super muscular and looks kind of like a bitch.  

I don't have an actual capture card so I can't take pictures as of yet, however it did say that later on when you can make your own town for online purposes, that you can take pictures there, but that's not of your character. Every time I ever try to take pictures of my television with a camera it always comes out horrible no matter what setting I try, so yes. And... considering I haven't actively played a game since Dragon Age: Origins and Demons Souls (before December).. I don't have a reason to buy a capture card as of right now. Plus, do I really need more pictures? I will see what I can do later, though, so you can see. 

Anyway, I haven't done any fighting yet. After making my character, I watched the opening, met the main character, joined his party, saw that he had a ponytail and not just shaggy short red hair and then he was way hotter, and then switched him out so I could run around as my Chrona. <3 I won't unlock online mode until a later time it says, so can't say anything about that as of yet, either.

But, yes, get it! My PSN ID is Yangire!