Friday, January 29, 2010

Rozen Maiden Ouverture Screencaps.

Rozen Maiden Ouverture! It's the Suigintou special that was 2 episodes long. I love Rozen Maiden, but I honestly feel that Ouverture is better than both the seasons. I screencapped these like two years ago but then I uploaded them off my computer and forgot about them, but I found them again and got them back! I found one of my old photobucket accounts that had them, so yippy. Since I was still new at screencapping, they aren't the greatest quality, but enjoy nonetheless! I did like 600 and 700 per episode (only two episodes) so I had to split the galleries between Parts 1 and 2 since Picasa only holds 500 pictures.

Rozen Maiden Ouverture Episode 1 - Part 1 - Part 2
Rozen Maiden Ouverture Episode 2 - Part 1 - Part 2

Rozen Maiden Ouverture Story (from ANN)
Set during the second season, the story between Shinku and Suigintou is told by Souseiseki when Jun buys Shinku a brooch. The first OVA starts with the creation of Sugintou, Rozen's first doll, which he abandons and moves on to create the rest of the Rozen dolls, ignoring Sugintou's cries for help. 

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