Thursday, January 07, 2010 - Fun Gaming Website and Community.

Hey, all. I just wanted to write a little post about a fun website I stumbled upon recently and I am enjoying it lots so far. It kind of reminds me of an MAL for gamers. =D

Join with my sexy friend invite! 

It's called My username is Yangire, like my PSN name.

It allows you to track your games that you have completed, currently playing and so on. There's a really good community for fellow gamers, as well, so if you're signed up already or if you do sign up, feel free to add me. =D Yay.

Adding games to the list is fun, but I still have a bunch more to go. Remembering all the games I have played it hard even though I did have a list of my present game collection over at MAL and some other places, so that wasn't too hard to put together at first. =p

New expansion for Dragon Age: Origins coming in March. Also.. Final Fantasy XIII and Resonance of Fate - End of Eternity come out on the same day! What am I to do... And White Knight Chronicles and Star Ocean for the PS3 in February... How am I supposed to beat those two games by the time the other two games come out? Boo. I don't like rushing!

My games completed! This isn't all of them but it is most of the ones I can remember, probably. I will add more as I remember!

Yay for gaming geek places. And yay for Gamer Girl Flonne. =D

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