Thursday, December 10, 2009

Anime Scumbags - Who Do You Hate More? MakoTouya! Rant.

Omfg, I know when I watched the first season of White Album I was like, why am I watching this, Touya sucks and whatever and now I am on season 2 because I wanted to see what happened in the past, but season 2 is way better, but wtf, Touya.... Ugh. Touya. As of YET, I don't hate him more than Makoto from School Days, but soon.... You see, Touya is worse. Touya is far worse than Makoto and yet I hate Makoto more still. Three more episodes, though, so I guess I can give it some time.

Makoto... when he went and screwed around, that's what it was - screwing around. Minus Sekai and Kotonoha, the Basketball girl asked for it by getting involved with him and Setsuna I can't stand, so yes. But, even so, the sex in the show wasn't very meaningful and some others just did it just to do it, but...

In White Album... I understood at first - he never sees his girlfriend , well, never SAW her, but he sees her now. If you don't want to be with the person, just say the words to break up. But Touya's worse than Makoto... Touya has girls in love with him and he talks about Goddesses and gives them hope and makes them feel special and they want to be actually be with him. Most girls didn't actually want to be with Makoto, they just wanted to test him out because others were. But these girls... want Touya. They have feelings for him and he just doesn't care and when they get mad, he actually goes, 'Why are they mad?' There's even a Setsuna in the show that tried to kiss him while sleeping, so gross, but I do like the White Album girl more than Setsuna since she gets mad and has tantrums and flips out and isn't only there to be gross.

To be honest, I am hoping for a SOMEWHAT violent ending. I can't say a School Days ending because I wasn't shocked by School Days, I saw that coming the whole time, the way I now see this coming the whole time. Especially with psycho 80s chicks and rock stars! I am really hoping that Yuki isn't the one to be involved with the crap, though. I want her to persevere, kick all their asses in the industry, become a famous popstar and leave the rest of the sluts behind. HOWEVER, I am all for the rest of them slaughtering and dismembering each other. Except Haruka. I like her. And Yayoi I don't like, BUT she has a Sekai position - when you sleep with her all the time, you're kind of with her, so she has the right to get pissed off and shit. Now all we need is some pregnancy! I mean, adults sleeping around in the 80s. OR!!!!

They will all get AIDS and die. This is not to be mean, it's just kind of logical on some levels. That would make sense with sleeping with multiple partners around without protection in the 80s before everyone knew about HIV. The percentage wasn't as high then and probably there, but still a chance. At least someone, maybe. I don't think this will actually happen, just yes.

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