Thursday, April 21, 2011

TV Anime of Mirai Nikki Due This Autumn.

According to Kadokawa, a TV anime of manga Mirai Nikki was announced to start this autumn. The final 12th volume of the manga will be released on April 26th. An 8 min long pilot anime has been bundled with the 11th volume published last December.

Director: Hosoda Naoto
Series Composition: Takayama Katsuhiko
Character Design: Hirayama Hidetsugu ("Shuffle!")
Production Studio: Asread

Amano Yukiteru: Togashi Misuzu
Gasai Yuno: Murata Tomosa
Uryu Minene: Aizawa Mai
Muru Muru: Honda Manami (newface)

Source: Kadokawa


This is a different one than the OVA, so I am sure it will be better? They have to know that people want to see it really badly and that everyone was disappointed in the OVA. It was just to tease us! I am sure it will be sexy. Well, hopefully.  

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