Saturday, January 01, 2011

Anime Image of the Day 199. Chrno Crusade Week, Image 1.


For the New Year I wanted to use one of my favorite shows for a week, and Chrno Crusade is one of my top two favorite anime of all time and Chrno IS MY FAVORITE MALE CHARACTER EVER from anime. I love him so much. Only Yuri from Shadow Hearts can compare, but the two of them have A LOT in common, so it's not very surprising, but their personalities are totally different, haha. 

Before I start, I also got the game Record of Agarest War so far and it's really fun! I am on Generation 3 now, so I got married twice and both of my wives were hot! Woohoo. I chose Fyuria and Valeria so far and haven't met any girls from Generation 3 yet, but the main male is much different from the last two. Anyway. Onwards to Chrno! Only makes sense to start off with my favorite picture, yes? 

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