Tuesday, December 28, 2010

DC Universe Online.

This is kind of for personal reference, but I guess I will write about the game a bit, too. First off, I am definitely getting it, even if it is pay-to-play! It's quite fun, though and even though I had given up on MMOs, it's different if it's on the PS3 for some reason. Also, as I play it, the people seem more into just gaming, as opposed to sitting around and talking, which isn't what I want to do anymore, really. Anyway. I have been playing the Beta for a little over 10 days and I really love it so far! My one main problem is the font because in my bedroom I use a standard definition television and the text really is hard to read on it... they have improved it as I was playing, but I hope they fix it even more by the time the game comes out. Okay... I just wanted to write my characters for now so that I can keep track of them. I know what my main will be - the same thing I chose for my first character, but just for fun records and all.

Yandere - HERO - Movement: Flight / Weapon: Martial Arts / Power: Nature.
Geekette - VILLAIN - Movement: Acrobatics / Weapon: Two-Handed / Power: Gadgets
Makai - VILLAIN - Movement: Acrobatics / Weapon: Staff / Power: Mental
Fantasy - HERO - Movement: Flying / Weapon: Dual Wielding / Power: Sorcery

I want to play the full version now because at the moment max level is 20 in the Beta and I already am at max level and have completed all of the main story quests for my Yandere. I want to be able to do more! I also do a lot of Alers, which are instanced missions where you are either with people you know or just join random people and given a quest to do with everyone, including fighting a few bosses along the way and one more at the end. I'm only sad that The Hive mission seems to break for me, except the first time I ever went to it when the people had already spawned Queen Bee and I went and helped kill her, but every time since then.. it's broken for me and it makes me sad because I want to play it! Anyway, I can't wait for the full version. I also would love if screencaps on the PS3 worked, but as of now, not yet. I want to take pictures of my hot character. Okay. Rant over. The end.


Oyu said...

Hello there,

It's really amazing how this small world could be. I don't think you know me.. yet. But I've seen your character's name in my guild roster, and many people whom I play with were asking about you.

I am a proud member of MoonLit Circle, been there for a while now and I have no plans on leaving because it feels like home to me.

I have heard good things about you, but people were wondering why you don't come online anymore.

I am pretty sure people would be please if you dropped a message on the official forum or maybe hop online one day and say hi.


Yandere said...

Gah. My first comment didn't post... let me try this again, lol.

Hail! I really should come on to DC< yeah. I was considering it right before the PSN went down, so obviously can't right now.

I am surprised they didn't kick me out yet, but I am glad they didn't, hehe. I will try to come back on soon, I think, once it is back up. I just burned myself from doing all there was to do everyday since the day the game launched and I wanted to play some other stuff since I love playing games!

I am glad that you love the league and they are good to you, hehe. I feel like I would be really behind if I came back on now, since I don't think I have been active since my birthday, but I don't think catching up would be that hard with the awesome league.

How did you find my blog? =o What do people say about my character? lol. Let me copy this this time so that I can re-paste if I need to. >.>

Oyu said...

Well, your still in the league and all people have been saying good stuff about you. Svirac was under the impression that you stopped playing because they ruined the flirty walk which I found to be funny! Also, I play sometimes with Returner Koshan and The Sentinel and they asked about you, Multitude was asking about you the other day as well, which made me curious. I don't want to sound mysterious or weird but for some reason I was browsing in the DCUO forum and I typed your name in the search engine, and I saw a couple of your posts.. Now because curiosity kills the cat, I clicked your name and found your blog so I decided it would be nice to see what's up and say hi! Anyways, server's are back up people are playing again and we are enjoying it with raids/pvp, and about you catching up it wouldn't be a big deal because MLC are the people who got me to where I am right now so I see no problem for you. I will be checking your blog more often now, was drafted by uni stuff until now.. Just thought I'd check again.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

it's svirac :)
Oyu told me i should write on your blog so that you still feel loved by the league. Thrall and I were talking today about how we missed you and we just haven't really found a good healer to to replace you. So it'd be pretty great if you could just go ahead and get back online plzkthx. but really if you do come back to dcuo that would be AWESOME, awesome to the max. just sayin'