Thursday, November 18, 2010

Disgaea 4 Gallery - Ongoing.

Picasa is being mean to me at the moment and not registering my Disgaea 4 pictures, so I am using Imagebam for now, since Imagebam is always good to me! There are more images than these, if you are looking for screenshots and stuff, but I am not going to save every single screenshot of Disgaea 4, sorry. I saved what I felt were the interesting screenshots, but I am looking for artwork more! I want to see the classes redone again! The new characters are so cute, too, I am looking forward to seeing more of them quite a lot! I will also upload these to Picasa and Imageshack when I get the chance. Maybe Photobucket, too, but I get so lost there with all my accounts.

Disgaea 4 Gallery @ Imagebam. 

Disgaea 4 Gallery @ Picasa (Under construction.)

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