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New School Days 2010 Bad Game Ending.

I know I am behind on Anime Image of the Day, but I will backpost when I get  chance, but since I haven't had a lot of computer time, I have been behind on beautiful School Days info. I am sure most people have seen this, but for my own personal reference - until it gets taken down - the new bad ending from School Days. From what I get, Sekai talks about her baby, Makoto denies, Sekai blames Kotonoha, they plan to meet tomorrow.. and you can see the rest. It's a beautiful ending, in the sick sense, and it's pretty surprising, even if you know what's coming, but for personal hatred reasons, I prefer another episode, without spoilers. Sekai does hurt someone, though. She doesn't hurt that person here. I felt really bad for Kotonoha, but I love them both. Anyway. Spoilers and it's kind of scary. =o Even though I am so behind. -shame-.And for a tiny last record, this ending makes me particularly happy because of what.. does the damage? I don't want to spoil just in case because I hate massive spoilers.. Even before I got into the show and game, I saw pictures of the two of them on a platform and I always wondered why it wasn't added into the show or game anywhere. Yes. The end. Enjoy. 

Makoto has super legs and arms, apparently, that he wasn't .. taken away. To be vague.

From Gaia: 

Makoto: Hello?
Sekai: AH! Makoto?
Makoto: Sekai...?
Sekai: Yeah. Umm...are you free tomorrow?
Makoto: Huh?
Sekai: If you are free, I want us to go out together...
Makoto: Go out? Where?
Sekai: The hospital.
Makoto: By hospital, you mean the gynecologist?
Sekai: Yeah. It's fine, right?
Makoto: ....
Sekai: A child is being born, so just the mother giving birth being alone there is no good. The father has to be together too. We can be taught on to be ready to become a Mama and Papa. That's why, Makoto should come with me...
Makoto: I'm not going.
Sekai: Huh?
Makoto: I'm not that baby's father.
Sekai: You...You are the father...a baby is going to be how can you say that?
Makoto: Stop it already.
Sekai: Stop...?
Makoto: There's no way that we can be together. It's Taisuke's kid, so I can't be confident in myself that I can love you, Sekai.
Sekai: You're wrong. It's yours, Makoto. It's your child, Makoto....
Makoto: Enough already.
Sekai: ....
Makoto: Later. I'm hanging up.
Sekai: It's Katsura-san, isn't it?
Makoto: Huh?
Sekai: Katsura-san has brainwashed you with weird things, Makoto.
Makoto: Hey, there's no way she'd brainwash...
Sekai: Makoto isn't someone who would say that. Katsura-san has been deceiving you.
Makoto: What are you recalling! I'm sure that we heard what Kotonoha said, but that isn't...
Sekai: I knew it...
Makoto: Hey! Sekai!
Sekai: ....
Makoto: ....


Kotonoha: Makoto-kun.
Makoto: Ah, morning Kotonoha.
Kotonoha: Good morning.
Makoto: I talked to Sekai yesterday.
Kotonoha: Huh?
Makoto: She was on the phone last night. She said that she was going to the gynecologist.
Kotonoha: You're not going?
Makoto: No...I told her I wasn't going. And it won't be good for the baby if Sekai extended her time dragging out her hope for something any further.
Kotonoha: Is that so...
Makoto: And if it's that, it seems like she got the wrong idea about how you've been brainwashing me...If we are talking about Sekai behind her back, then sorry.
Kotonoha: No, I too...find it to be a tall tale.
Makoto: No. Sooner or later you were going to notice it? You didn't do anything wrong, Kotonoha.
Kotonoha: But...
Makoto: Besides, I said it. I'm only going to look at you, Kotonoha. I'll love no one but Kotonoha.
Kotonoha: Yes...
Makoto: So then, it's something to worry about, but the only thing we can do is not get the wrong idea with what Sekai is saying and resent her.
Kotonoha: You're right...Then so be it.
Makoto: Yeah...
Kotonoha: It's not whether it's right or wrong...When one let's go of the one they love and if they understand the cause of who did it, that someone will not be bitter with that other person?
Makoto: Yeah...
Kotonoha: I'll apologize with all I have to Saionji-san. I may not be at ease with it, but I want to at least do something. I think I should apologize and ask her forgiveness...So I was thinking that if I apologize then the day will come when someday Saionji-san will understand about us.
Makoto: Yeah...
Kotonoha: Saionji-san is important for being the one who introduced us...Someday, the day will come with Saionji-san forgiving us and it'll be fine if we can laugh together like in the old days...
Makoto: You're right...Kotonoha, it's dangerous. Come a little further back inside....


Sekai: Goodbye.

Makoto: No way...? Kotonoha...?
Sekai: HA....HAHA....HAHAHAHA...Katsura-san was wrong here...You...and Makoto...HAHA...
Makoto: KOTONOHA!!!!

From Youtube: 

[Kotonoha] Someday the day will come when Saionji-san will forgive me, and us three will be able to laugh together again like we did so long ago…

[Makoto] That’s right… Kotonoha, it’s dangerous, so we better get back—

[Kotonoha] Ah…

[Sekai] Goodbye.

[Makoto] You’re kidding me, right…? Kotonoha…?

[Sekai] Aha… haha… hahaha… It was all Katsura-san’s fault… You’re… With Makoto… Haha…


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