Sunday, October 17, 2010

Anime Image of the Day 123. Higurashi weeks, Image 1.

Okay, skipping the two weeks that I wasn't here and not backposting. Next two weeks will be Higurashi-weeks in dedication of Halloween because I love Higurashi, Halloween and have been rewatching it! So, yes, Higurashi galore. 

On another note, since I was gone, I beat Fallout 3 and Atelier Rorona and just got Borderlands last week (I am behind by a year, leave me be!) but I do not think I will beat it before Fallout comes out on Tuesday.. or Wednesday, depending if they do the 'Ships on today, doesn't come until tomorrow' thing. I got the Atelier Rorona artbook, too, with the game, so I will get around to scanning that some time, too. 

Starting off with one of my favorite screencaps of one of my favorite characters! Well, my favorite from Higurashi, I love Mion and her crying eyes are so cute. 

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