Thursday, July 15, 2010

Playstation Home Gallery! PSN ID: Yangire.

FIRST OFF: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AZALEA! My daughter turns 8 today! We got her the DSi XL! Woo! 

Well, some people may or may not know, I spend a decent amount of time on Home. I have friends that are much more obsessed than I am, but that's cool for me. lol. I usually play Home in between games, like when I beat Final Fantasy XIII and didn't want to play another RPG right away, I went and spent a few weeks on Home, but I have been on there for over a year and a half now, two years in January. I finally removed all my pictures from the PS3 that I took since they implemented cameras in it and put them on my computer, so yay. Of course, I've taken a huge amount since then, too, so there's a bunch more on my PS3 again, but I can deal with those another time. I uploaded them to Picasa and you can see the slideshow here. I need to label the people still, but that will come in time!

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