Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I don't know what to post.

As I've said before, Summer is busy and if I am playing a game on the PS3, I barely come on the computer because I can't be addicted to both. Let me see. I recently beat Star Ocean 4, which, to me, is one of the best in the series and might possibly be my favorite RPG on the PS3 now. It was seriously awesome (in my opinion) and I had absolutely no complaints except that enough content doesn't get brought over into New Game Plus and they want you to beat it like eight times for particular trophies. I am not a trophy-addict, but I do enjoy getting them, but who is going to beat the same game 8-9 times without anything special from the previous game in NG+? That gets to me, but other than that, I looooved it. The plot was good and interesting, I didn't want to go to sleep since I wanted to keep playing and the like. The characters - I loved pretty much all of them and that doesn't usually happen in RPGs, there's usually some character I can't stand, be it the retarded moronic monster character, or the little girl that's just whiny and annoying. However, in Star Ocean, I ended up really liking the youngest girl character quite a lot, but I think that's because I played in Japanese and she's voiced by one of my three favorite voice actresses, Miyuki Sawashiro. I love her for people like Shinku, Reika, Maria, Yano-chin and so on. Her voice is just sexy and I really love it, plus she seems to be singing more in recent times. Anyway, can't rant about her forever. I loooooove Faize and Reimi, though. Reimi was so fun to play as, jumping around as her bow, dealing mass amounts of damage, ending with crit hits and filling up the bonus board with super lots of experience points! Plus, Reimi totally falls into the category of my favorite looking characters. Long hair in a ponytail, big brown eyes, wields a bow, wears blue, etc. I love Edge, too, the main character, which took a little bit because he was blonde and I wasn't sure if he was going to be whiny and annoying, but his voice was sexy and he had such a sense of justice, yay! But, yes, no complaints at all about Star Ocean, minus the slight NG+ thing. I had so much fun playing it and the fighting is awesome, even after I finished it, I went back just because it was so fun.

Then I played Trinity Universe the day after I beat Star Ocean in a week and... it wasn't a good game to play after such an awesome game, just let me say that. Heh. 

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