Friday, May 07, 2010

Clannad English Dub on Netflix.

My daughter, Azalea, loves Clannad, even though she hasn't actually watched all of it since it wasn't dubbed at all, but I read a few weeks ago, that it was officially going to be dubbed soon. Well, since they updated the menus on the Wii and PS3 Netflix menus, it has been a lot easier to find anime series and I was just looking for something Azalea could watch and under Anime Series, I saw 'Clannad Vol. 1' and clicked on it. And. They spoke in English! I mean, I totally prefer Japanese, but now my daughter can watch it, too and understand what is happening, so we can watch it together.

But just in case anyone else was wondering, it's on Netflix right now. ^_^

And, lol. Tomoyas voice is hot, but Sunohara sounds like a squeaky girl and Kyous voice is super hot and deep - if she sounds like that, what does Tomoyo sound like... This should be interesting. And... I can only imagine Fuko.

Here is the English Dub cast from Anime News Network:

Tomoya Okazaki: David Matranga
Nagisa Furukawa: Luci Christian
Kyou Fujibayashi: Shelley Calene-Black
Botan: Melissa Davis
Ryou Fujibayashi: Brittney Karbowski
Tomoyo Sakagami: Kaytha Coker
Kotomi Ichinose: Emily Neves
Fuko Ibuki: Hilary Haag
Youhei Sunohara: Greg Ayres
Mei Sunohara: Serena Varghese
Akio Furukawa: Andrew Love
Sanae Furukawa: Kara Greenberg
Voice of "I": Shannon Emerick
Girl: Melissa Davis
Yukine Miyazawa: Maggie Flecknoe
Misae Sagara: Elizabeth Bunch
Naoyuki Okazaki: Chris Hutchison
Kouko Ibuki: Stephanie Wittels
Yusuke Yoshino: Illich Guardiola
Junior Male (from Ep 24): Josh Grelle

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