Friday, April 16, 2010

Hon Soul - Soul - Awesome Korean HORROR-DRAMA.

Personally, I totally love horror movies of all kinds and I always have. Supernatural, psychological, thrillers, suspense, mystery, etc - I love getting down to what really happened in the story and that's why I love those kinds of movies too much. I have watched quite a few horror movies from... all parts of the world, but my favorite has to be Korean Horror Movies, as for me, they are the best and always end up scaring me the most. Well, since I also got into watching Asian Dramas last year, my favorite dramas to watch are ALSO Korean for the most part but it's mostly because those are the ones I have lined up to watch and haven't watched too many Japanese, Taiwanese or Chinese dramas, even though I have watched a few. 

Anyway, since I love Korean Horror movies and Korean dramas, I was wondering if there was a Horror Drama somewhere and whereas I couldn't find many that looked too good, I did find one that looked awesome (to me) and I have to say... even though I only on episode 6 (of 10)... it's really good. I get scared a lot and go "What the hell was that? Did you just see that?" and I also go, "Omfg, that guy creeps me out!" A lot. Basically every minute of every episode has action and suspense and stuff, so I really like it so far. Yahoo. It kind of gives me a 'Higurashi' feeling, but not because of the storyline, just because of what I feel all the time - omg, what happens next? And then insane stuff happens!

So. If you like horror and dramas, you should go check it out, too - 

I kind of DON'T SUGGEST looking up the show for the description of the show because it describes stuff in the description that's pretty far into the show (which I hate.) I'll be vague - possessed high school girl out for revenge. Classic story. =p

There are also some episodes on Youtube (but not all) and at, too, just in case the dramafever videos give you any problem, but they are the full hour episode, so I like that.

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