Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Anime Image of the Day 36.

Whee, back on time for one day. This is Krad from D.N. Angel, one of the first anime I started watching online when I got back into anime after getting a new computer, oh so many years ago, as you can see on my sidebar over there! When I saw him, omfg, he was hot and I am not really into blondes and I really, really loved Daisuke and Dark! But, he was insane! He always made me want to see more of him, it was a nice feeling, plus his hair is beautiful! Yay for long hair. I chose this picture because I was just reading about the Chobits manga and wanted to post an older picture, but I recently posted a picture of Chii, so I chose D.N. Angel instead! Yahoo.

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