Saturday, April 03, 2010

Anime Image of the Day 11.

I'm currently watching the Korean Drama, "Smile, You" and I really love it. It's the first drama I considered watching that was over like 20 episodes (45) because.... that's a really long show to watch, but it sounded good, so I started it and let me say that I love it. Then. Yoon appeared. Then I was in my glory. I will call him Yoon no matter what, because that was his role in "I'm Sorry I Love You".

So random and has nothing to do with a picture, I know, but I wanted to write something. Also! Durarara wasn't on all week and isn't coming until next week! This makes me sad, the last episode was so awesome. -.-

Anyway, picture time!

I don't know if this is of a specific character, nor do I know the artist, but the picture is awesome. It's in my other directory of pictures! I have one for... well, no, I have a few for anime, but they are different. I have 'Anime', which is filled with folders of pictures of SPECIFIC ANIME that I know the title of. Then I have another folder in the same folder as 'Anime' that is 'Anime Categories' and these are for pictures that I don't know who the artist is + the show, or there is no show. In that folder I have things like 'Fantasy' 'Modern' 'Schoolgirls' 'Lingerie' 'Swimwear' and so on. She is in there, in my 'Swords' folder. I also have another folder for anime which is called 'Anime Artists and Artbooks' which is what it sounds like.. the folders and pictures in that folder are categorized by artbooks and/or artists. I also have other main folders for Game pictures, Celebrities, Nature, Final Fantasy and so on. 

Anyway. Isn't she awesome?

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