Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Yo. Miscellaneous SueGeek Rant. =p

Uh. I'm at a loss for inspiration and motivation as to what to do next for this blog. I still have pictures but... as I've said, since all my 50,000 pictures are on my other computer that's not hooked up.. it's annoying. It just is! I love anime pictures.. and game pictures and fantasy art, hence my huge collection. When I was little, before I had my own computer and before anime and stuff was regularly from the internet, I used to go to the library and print out Final Fantasy and Sailor Moon pictures to hang in my locker and to put on my notebooks for school. I also cut up all my boyfriends gaming magazines for the pictures, haha. =D

Oh. I finished White Album. But why did I watch it.... that's a better question. I watched the whole show mainly for flashbacks that they hinted on in the first season and to be honest, the flashbacks weren't worth it. I already disliked Touya, ha. But. I still hate Makoto more! =o Go Makoto. You lose/win.

I miss Heroes! Heroes hasn't been on in too long. Oh, Heroes. Oh, my beloved Nathan. If only Peter would be awesome again and the like. It made us happy that Adam was back in the graphic novel, though, because he's one of our favorite characters from back in the days of Alias! =o Kell was like, 'I don't know who this person was' and he said Adam Monroe and I was like.... Kell, it's Adam! Oh. Adam. How we love him. And Doyle. And Hiro's crazy now like Don Quixote from Man of La Mancha! He needs a Sancho! =o Wouldn't that be Ando? And if Hiro is supposed to be crazy like Don Quixote ... does that mean he will die by falling on his sword? =/ Hiro could do that but I don't want Hiro to do that, you know? He should surpass his brain injuries and persevere and live forever! D: He looks so tired now, though. Poor Hiro. By the way, my original knowledge of Don Quixote is from the really old musical Man of La Mancha that my mom used to listen to ALL THE TIME when I was little and when I was really small.. I was like wtf mom, what is this? But when I hit like 12 and older, I realized I also adored musicals like her and borrowed it from her and made my friends listen to it. It has some really funny songs and also some serious, depressing ones. But it's sad.. as are most musicals... especially that I love. lol. Miss Saigon, Les Miserables, Wicked (but the show isn't that sad, but the book is totally effed up), Jesus Christ Superstar, A Crime of Passion and so on! =o

What else. Isn't it boring actually seeing me talk about stuff, ha! I've been watching some Korean Dramas. My only problem with them is that a few of them seem to be a bit too long and they drag on and on and on. I'm Sorry I Love You wasn't like that.. it was long but every single episode was satisfying with content but I can't find one as awesome as that. I did watch A Love To Kill since it was suggested if you like that and I can see WHY it was suggested but honestly... it's nothing like it. I just finished Full House which is a lot of peoples favorites and I thought I would try it out and it was cute but nothing amazing and also.. dragged on for a while there. So much cleaning! =o And now I am watching... I forgot. Um. Oh! What Happened In Bali for the overly sexy So Ji Sub. Even though I didn't watch I'm Sorry I Love You for him, I watched it for the girl from A Tale of Two Sisters because I really loved her in that and then I really loved her in I'm Sorry I Love You, too.. she's good at playing crazy people! It's annoying watching people say that she treated him badly in it, though... like wtf... he was evil and out of his mind and totally wrong with all his actions. I loved him, but still. lol. Anyway. What else.

I need some new music and my uncle gave me new books for Christmas, so hopefully I actually get to read them. I think I'll try to read one book a month. I mean, that's not a lot but it only takes me a few hours to 1-2 days to finish most books, so that's really just saying I'd have that much time to put aside.

I also need a new RPG. D: There are a bunch coming, though. Too many, to be honest! Well, not too many, just too many at once. I'm going to be forced to rush through some of them which makes me sad. D: Here are all the games I am looking forward to and will have the day they come out (hopefully...)!

1. Final Fantasy XIII - my excitement for this makes me happy again, you know? Because when it first came out I was totally into it since I'm a gigantic FF girl but ... after so many videos showing the same footage and scenes, I got tired of it and stopped looking it up. I was still going to get it the day it came out and stuff but wasn't looking for it and stuff anymore until I saw one of the most recent trailers that were... somewhere and it was awesome and my interests were all renewed and I'm looking forward to it so much again. March 9! 5 days after Lilium turns 1. =o

2. Atelier Rorona! I loooove the Atelier series. I am even playing Mana Khemia right now on the PSP which is part of the Atelier series. The story is kind of weak but... the fighting is fun, the characters are cute and the alchemy system is awesome. It's good for passing the time! Buuut! Atelier Rorona is going to be for the PS3 and I am looking forward to it so much! Alchemy, cute storyline, adorable main character and all that jazz. I can't wait. This was 1 for a while but FFXIII went back to 1.

3. End of Eternity! I tried the demo from the Japanese Playstation Network and the fighting was really unique and seemed like every attack was from a movie, all slow motion, shooting bullets and stuff. It was funny. I am more into that game for what the storyline looks like, though. I posted a trailer of it when it first appeared and I am still looking forward to it. It looks like Shadow Hearts to me and that will hook me before I even get it. =p

4. Star Ocean! FINALLY. February. Star Ocean comes to the PS3 and I will be a happy person! I have played every single Star Ocean game, even though I started off with The Second Story. I bought it used from Blockbuster for 10 bucks and I had no idea what it was since it had no case with it or anything, I just liked the way the disc looked and the name of the game, haha. And then I saw blown away and put into heaven! It's still my favorite of the series and it's one of my favorite series. 1 is good but I wasn't that into it. Star Ocean 3 I got when it came out and I loved it. It was so long! It had awesome characters, the fighting is fun, the storyline was good and it was even challenging! I love games that I can't beat within 5 days (FFX...).

Others! White Knight Chronicles, The Last Remnant, 3D Dot Heroes and more!

Also, my daughter got New Super Mario Bros. and Harvest Moon Animal Parade for her Wii. Mario Bros is awesome fun, haha. She always plays as a Toad. I'm Luigi because I like Luigi - he's such a spaz, hehe. And Kell's Mario. They need a hot sister, don't you think? She'd be hot.. or funny looking. She could run around in overalls, too! But... this was more about Harvest Moon... it looks so cute that I want to steal her Wii and play it. I'm almost at the point of trading her the PS3 for a while so she can play LBP and stuff while I play Harvest Moon. I want to marry the Wizard and make babies! 

I finally finished Soul Eater recently, too. I started it like... forever ago and then took a break at 30 because I switched computers, then I came back and we watched up until 49... then finally watched the last two like a week or two later, lol. We both really enjoyed Soul Eater. =D The insanity faces in that were like the best, ever! We really appreciate such things, haha. We really enjoyed all the characters, too! I love Black Star because I'm a weirdo like that, haha. And Stein because I'm a woman like that. =o I'll miss the characters most of all. =(

I also watched some Denpa teki na Kanojo - Electromagnetic Girlfriend - the first two episodes in the OVA and omfg, we both loved them so much! They were totally awesome and it's a shame that it's not an entire show. And not sure if I mentioned this when we finished it, but we finished all of Shiki, too. The last movie was totally awesome and I loved it. Go Shiki and Mikiya. I love Mikiya, he's my total kind of anime guy. =D

That's it for now, I guess. I don't know what to do. Wah. I have to do some cleaning in a bit... yay for cleaning!

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