Saturday, January 23, 2010

Police kill man in Haiti over allegedly stolen rice

This is so messed up and the video is not for the weak of heart.

I was going to update with screencaps but this story is more important, as are all the Haiti stories, but.. this one really upset me. The poor mother there, thinking you and your child survived all that's already happened and then that happens. 20 is still very young... and to that mother, one of her babies.

But, uh... I always considered being a reporter and stuff, but how could someone just stand there and film something like that? You see he's dying in the street... I mean, I know they couldn't actually do anything to help him, per se, but why wait until the other police get there to have them call an ambulance? These are some cold people... Unless that's really how reporters are supposed to be but I've seen a lot of different things where horrible things happen in front of the reporter and they don't just stand there and talk about it calmly...

For example, as I am sure others saw, Anderson Cooper rescuing the boy who was injured by looters, even though it's not really right to call them looters... they are doing what they need to survive and I don't wish to label them anything like that. I also don't want to say too much bad stuff about them because they are there and I'm not and they are doing more than I can do, but still... it seemed really heartless and uncaring...

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