Monday, January 25, 2010

Kristin Chenoweth - If (You Hadn't, But You Did) Video. Yandere~

I posted this once before but since it came up on my playlist and I thought what I always think about it, I decided to share it again, yahoo.

After I watched School Days, this song so came into my head. I've never made an AMV, though, so I never got around to actually using the song, but someone else totally should.

Anyway, if you've seen School Days, you will see how Joe = Makoto. Or if you've seen some other stuff like White Album or anything else with cheating scumbags.

Go Kristin. Abuse his dead body. ~ And she's hot here, too. =o Of course I can't technically put her under a yandere since I don't know what she acted like beforehand, but she's pretty crazy there over love, so yahoo. Even though, to be honest, I don't usually think of yanderes as the kind of person that hurts their loves, so maybe she's a Yangire.  She's supposed to be one of the next Disney Princesses voices, too. I've loved her for quite some time, I saw her on Broadway a few years ago for my birthday. <3

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