Sunday, September 20, 2009

Atelier Rorona Gallery - Visual Artbook.

Whee, hey, all. I just read that Atelier Rorona for the PS3 will definitely be coming here and will be in English and French so far, so yay for that. I adore the Atelier series and the Atelier Iris games on the PS2 were some of my favorite RPGs that came out in a long while. The main character looks really cute and adorable, so I am sure she is going to act so, too! Her voice sounds really familiar, but I couldn't find much about their voices yet, so yes. The gameplay looks awesome, the characters look fun and I can't wait to try the new alchemy system! So, yeah, here are some images from the visual artbook of Atelier Rorona. I fixed up some of the images and the like, but other than that they are as they were. I will be getting this game the first day it comes out! Atelier Rorona Gallery @ Imageshack

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