Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year - 2009!

Hi all! Sorry I haven't been around, Christmas was busy, as always! Azalea got a bunch of awesome things that she wanted like the Pink DS (she broke our old black one) and Littlest Pet Shops on the DS and the BarbieGirl Mp3 Player thing, as well as a ton of other things that she wanted.

Then we went down to Delaware after Christmas, which is where my boyfriend's relatives now live (they moved there this year from The Hamptons), so I got to check out their new house and wow, it's nice... and in the middle of nowhere! It's surrounded by farms and woods - it rules! Azalea got more presents there and we got our gift, too, so yay!

When we got back, we went and bought the 80GB PS3, finally, as well as Soul Calibur IV, since Kell loves Soul Calibur since WAY back in the day and I loved the custom creation in III and it's even nicer in IV! Yay for sexy fantasy fighting girls! And yay for Kilik! So hot. And Siegfried. So hot. But omg, boo to the no backwards compatibility. We looked around for a 60GB old one, or a refurbished 20, but there were none! Just the 80 and the 160! So... our 50+ PS2 games still can't be played, BUT you can apparently buy an old refurbished PS2 for 60 bucks - the same price as a new PS3 game, SO... we might do that JUST BECAUSE it makes sense.

As for other PS3 games, not sure what else we really want, besides DISGAEA 3, which of course, Kell is dying for since he LOVES Disgaea and Disgaea 3 looks awesome.

What else. Oh! Gift cards! We got Target, McDonald's, Dunkin Donuts (lol) gift cards, too, so that was good. I ordered a bunch of stuff from Target for Kell since he needs new clothes a lot more than I do - especially since I am just gaining weight and can't exactly shop for myself anyway. =p Sweatshirts, pants, boxers, belts! Gasp. And a chair that goes on the floor, but that already came. It was on sale from 81.00 to 9.00! That's quite a sale and after we got the floor done in here, we have no more couch to sit on anyway, so an adjustable angle chair was necessary!

My grandmother also ordered over 300 dollars worth of baby stuff, apparently - I got the receipt in an email! Over 200 diapers, crib sheets, onesies and the like. Baby stuff! Yay! My Uncle Alfie is going to buy us the crib and then from there, we shall see. 10 weeks to go, more or less!

I hope everyone is doing good. I haven't been online much at all - been busy still putting stuff away and getting organized since getting back and the like. Hope everyone had an awesome holiday, too! 

My username is Yangire on the Playstation Network! Look for me if you want.

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