Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Livejournal.

This is still my media, game, picture, miscellaneous, love journal, but I needed a place to write my real life thoughts and the like, so I am changing my LJ to that. I used to be on Greatestjournal for years, as Euphoria - I never would have left had it been my choice, but alas, things change and GJ kind of died, so boo.

Anyway, if anyone wants to add me on LJ and learn more about.. me and my.. normal, everyday life, you can add there. Of course there will always be rants about media and games because that's part of me, too, just not as many as here.

Then I can maybe know who some of you people are that read this. o.o People come here, I see you on the tracker, but I still don't know you at all! I want to know who likes the things I do!

Yanderekko @ LJ.

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