Thursday, October 02, 2008

Jerome Pradon - Les Miserables and Jesus Christ Superstar.

So beautiful! Finally another video of him singing something else. Jerome Pradon is my favorite musical performer, despite only seeing him in Jesus Christ Superstar as Judas. But. I love him.

Here he is singing Les Miserables in French. He's Marius. Empty Chairs At Empty Tables..

And!! Edited! I decided to add some of the reasons why I do love him so much.

First, this is a fan video of Judas from Jesus Christ Superstar, it's so great and perfect and shows so much anger of him. It's wonderful.

Jesus Christ Superstar. Judas' Death. He's such an angry, singing fellow. People dislike his 'whining' but... he's in a suicidal mess because he killed Jesus, so... he really shouldn't be singing beautifully anyway. But the facial expressions and all the ... I love him.

The Last Supper. Judas is sooooooooo mad. And upset. And emotional.

Superstar! Judas is evil and despite killing himself to get away from this, he is sent directly here - it's his Hell.

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